3L + 1T MM100 Ex. Hrs: 3

Unit 1

Jigs And Fixtures: Introduction, definition and difference, usefulness of jigs and fixtures, design considerations, materials used, principles and methods of location, clamping elements, jig bushes, drilling jigs, fixtures for milling turning, boring and welding, assembly fixtures, indexing devices, economics of jigs and fixtures, complete design of a jig and a fixtures, complete design of a jig and a fixtures.

Unit 2

New Machining Methods: Types of machining methods, hot machining, electric discharge machining (E.D.M.) ultrasonic machining (U.S.M.), Electron beam machining (E.B.M.) laser beam Machining (L.B.M.), abrasive jet machining (A.J.M.), plasma arc machining (PAM), economics of machining.

Unit 3

Precision Measurement: Standards of linear measurements, linear and angular measurements, screw thread measurement, measurement of effective diameter, pitch and thread angles, Gear measurement, measurement of tooth profile, tooth thickness and pitch, Measurement of surface roughness, Quantitative methods of roughness measurements, Stylus and profilograph methods. Precision Measuring Instruments: Comparators types, working principles applications and limitations of various comparators, optical flat, autocollimator indicators, slip gauges, bevel protector.

Unit 4

Design of Single Point Cutting Tools: Introduction; functions of various tool angles, design of single point turning tool, parting tool, empirical determination of force components, optimum value of tool angles. Design of Multipoint Cutting Tool: Introduction, angle of contact, force analysis, approach through dimensional analysis, force and power consumption, tooth formation and cutter design.

Unit 5

Design of Machine Tool Element: Design of Lathe bed, Material and construction feature, various bed section, designing for torsional rigidity, use of reinforcing stiffener in lathe bed, Theoretical aspect of design of guide ways, Material and construction features, Antifriction guide ways.

List of Recommended Books
1. Manufacturing Science, Ghosh and Mallik, Tata McGraw-Hill
2. Manufacturing Technology II, Rao P.N., Tata McGraw-Hill
3. Production Technology, Jain R.K., Khanna Publisher.
4. Production Technology, HMT Banglore, Tata McGraw-Hill
5. Mechanical Measurement and Metrology, Jain R.K., Khanna Publisher.
6. Metal Cutting Principles, Shaw M.C., Oxford
7. Manufacturing Tool Design, Mehta N.K., Tata McGraw Hill.