FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)


A. Baldev Ram Mirdha Institute of Technology, Jaipur is a self-supporting institution promoted by CMMES in 2003. It received AICTE approval for its program and affiliation from Rajasthan Technical University. A major goal of BMIT is to impart a uniquely broad based interdisciplinary Engineering & Management education of the highest academic quality.

Q. Whom can I contact for more Information?
A. You can phone us, FAX us, email us or visit us personally as per the details given in 'Contact Us' section of our web site.


Q. What kind of Infrastructure is provided by BMIT?
A. The institute is situated in the heart of IT park where all IT industry resides. It is residential in nature & hence is a self-contained unit. There are a total of 8 buildings proposed in the campus. The existing academic block I has the lecture halls, tutorial rooms, computers, electronics labs and offices of the administration and faculty. All classrooms are provisioned for Over Head Projectors, CCTV, Computer Connectivity. Seminar Halls facilitate conducting symposiums, seminars, student-industry interactions and guest lectures. There is a Gigabit backbone network both wired and wireless connecting intra-building and inter- buildings on campus.

Q. Are there adequate hostel facilities?
A. BMIT have a separate hostel facility ready for boys and girls in campus, Annual fees is 72,000/- + caution money per year.

Q. What kind of a Library does BMIT Have?
A. The institute has a well-stocked Air-Cooled computerized library with a large collection of textbooks and reference books. Apart from books, students have access to the latest magazines, international journals, news- papers and research papers. The library also stocks a huge collection of educational cd-roms.

Q. What about the Computational Resources provided by the Institute?
A. The institute has well-equipped air-conditioned computer laboratories which are allocated batch wise (Training Labs) as well as first come first serve (Development Labs) to students. The labs are equipped with the latest in both hardware (all P-4 desktops, Multi-Processor Servers) and software (Windows 2003 Server / Linux / MS SQL Server / MS Exchange Server / BizTalk Server / MS Project Server / DB2 / Tivoli / Oracle 10g Server). The PC to students ratio is 1:3. All terminals are part of an intranet with Gigabit backbone. The institute has high speed 2 Mbps broad band Internet connectivity with BSNL.


Q. What are the Different Courses offered by the institute?
A. The following is the list of programs running in the institute at present.
The 4-year B.Tech. program offered in following disciplines.

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Computer Science and Engineering

  • Electrical Engineering (at Main Campus only)

  • Electronics and Communication Engineering.

  • Civil Engineering (at East Campus only)

Q. What kind of research goes on at BMIT?
A. BMIT is all set to establish several research centres at the institute aiming at interdisciplinary research with focus on solving real life problems in a selected domain. This provides students with opportunities to get involved in cutting edge research requiring considerable thinking and innovation. Each centre comprises of institute faculty, research staff, students and domain experts visiting from collaborating organizations. The institute already has two operational centers at its campus for computer engineering and electronics research.

Q. What kind of practical exposure do students get?
A. A lot of research projects are going to be undertaken at BMIT, which aim to develop cutting edge technologies and expertise. Students will have the opportunity to take up internship programs at various firms in course of their study, giving them a feel for working on projects in an industry environment.

Q. Does the institute have academic tie ups with any industry?
A. Yes, Baldev Ram Mirdha Institute of Technology, Jaipur (BMIT) has been the pioneer institute involved in Industry-Institute and is proud of its active tie-ups has with all the leading software companies of the world. This uniqueness provides its students a unique opportunity to have hands on experience on the contemporaneous software and modules of these giants being used in the industry. Some of its major tie ups include :-

  • Campus Connect program with Infosys 

  • Microsoft IT Academy 

  • Authorized Center for IBM Software

  • Red Hat IT Academy,

  • Telecom competency centre with ITG, India,

  • Oracle Academic Initiative (OAI) With Oracle Corp. USA,

  • Sun Academic Initiative (SAI) with Sun Microsystems, USA. 

  • Knowledge dissemination Center (KDC)- an initiative by Rajasthan State Government under 'Center for e-Governance'.


Q. What is the kind of Faculty at BMIT?
A. Highly qualified and experienced faculty members drawn from the best institutions worldwide with Research and Teaching experience in various areas.
For more information refer the faculty pages .

Q. What are the other people besides the faculty who contribute to the various programmes?
A. Experienced R&D experts from different Institution and Corporation are active participants in education development and training. Reputed academicians and renowned people from the industry regularly conduct workshops and guest lectures.

Q. What is the kind of relationship Student have with faculty?
A. Everyone who belongs to the institute, whether a student, or a member of the faculty, or the administrative staff, works in perfect tandem with the remainder, which closely binds together the entire Institute. Most of the faculty stay nearby campus. So they are available all through the day. All students are free to access any faculty member with their problems. To help the new students adjust in the campus environment, each of them is assigned to a faculty member known as student counselor.


Q. What is the fee structure?
A. The approximate fee for the students in the academic year 2016-2017 is as follows

  • Tuition Fee: Tuition Fee Structure needs to be define by the State Government of Rajasthan.
    For Engineering Courses it is currently Rs 70,000/- per year + one time caution money (refundable).
    Scholarship for Meritorius Students.

  • Hostel Rent & Mess Charges :Rs. 72,000/- + caution money per year.


Q. How do I get into BMIT for Engineering Courses?
A. The admissions for 2016 would be based on merit in the JEE or Rajasthan Engineering Admission Process (REAP) Examination and Counseling conducted by REAP coordinator. For management seats, the desirous student has to fill in the application form and process the same as per the details given in the Admission Procedure. For Non Resident Indians (NRIs) and Foregin Students admissions, please Contact Director (director@bmitjaipur.org).

Q. Are the diploma holders eligible to take admission in second year?
A. Yes.

Q. Whom do I contact for doubts regarding the admission?
A. Check out BMIT WebPages admission for information; Contact US or write to us at btech@bmitjaipur.org.


Q. What was the overall job scene at BMIT?
A. BMIT has an impressive placement record wherein 32% of total (76% of eligible) of 2015, 34% of total (84% of eligible) of 2014, 32% of total (81% of eligible) students of 2013, 35% of total (84% of eligible) of 2012, 32% of total (84% of eligible) of 2011 and 21% of total (85% of eligible) of 2010, 41% of total (74% of eligible) of 2009 pass-out batch respectively have been placed in industries of repute.

Q. Which were the major companies where the BMITians were recruited during 2007-15 session?
A. Some of the major recruiters of BMITians in the present session include Infosys, Wipro, Hexaware, IBM, Oracle, Indian Navy, Indian Air force, TechMahindra, Satyam, L & T Infotech, Integra, Syntel, i-flex, Birla Soft, Uttam Galva Steels, Accenture, Capgemini, Synergy India Pvt. Ltd., Pagal Guy.com and many more.

Q. Is there any upper limit for the campus selection for students ?
A. Yes. To give a fair chance to every student, each student is allowed to take recruitment in two companies only. Once the student gets selected in two of the companies, he/she is barred from appearing in subsequent campus selection procedure.

Q. Is there any counseling for students regarding campus selections?
A. Yes, detailed counseling sessions are arranged for the students. Also a detailed schedule of the companies planning to visit during the session is also displayed and discussed. Students are advised to appear for companies selection procedure based on their aptitude and skill levels.


Q. How is it ensured that all students have easy access to relevant course material?
A. Each course has its own course website maintained by the professor and a group of students. This is where all the material relevant to the course is placed for free access by the students. Modern teaching aids are used regularly in all classes.

Q. Do the students get personal academic attention ?
A. Students can freely access their tutors/lecture within and outside the assigned hours and have all their doubts cleared. These tutorial sessions are meant to augment the lectures and all assistants work under instructions of the professor concerned.


Q. What is the part played by the students in the functioning of the institute ?
A. At BMIT, the students play a pivotal role in the day to day running of the institute. It is the students who take the initiative. Through the medium of student parliament, the students run every facet of their lives. In addition to this, the students are the chief participants in organizing various festivals and celebrations in the institute.

Q. What are the Cultural and Technical Activities being organized by the Institute ?
A. BMIT has a unique concept of SAC ( student Activity Center), under whose wide umbrella various activities are held. Extracurricular activities are conducted regularly to enable students to discover and hone their skills in fields that are not academic in nature. Technical activities are also held on a regular basis to promote excellence in technical skills among the student body. These activities are completely organized by the student community. Some of them are :

    • Teachers Day celebration
    • 'Welcome Day' - First day of new entrants
    • Holi Utsav
    • ULTIMA TRYST (Technical Paper presentation & Debate competition)
    • BMIT Annual Function - BMIT FIESTA
    • New-Year Eve
    • Festival Days
    • Gracias (Thanksgiving Party)
    • Deepawali Sneh Milan
    • Annual Hostel nights
    • Participation in other inter college events
    • HUM-TUM (Fresher Party)
    • Picnics and expeditions
    • Weekly extra curricular activities
    • Adieu (Farewell Function)

Q. Is there a bank/ATM on campus?
A. There are several banks & ATM situated inside and near by the campus.

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For queries related to documents submitted at the time of admission, individual need to contact in person. A ticket cannot be raised for the same.

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