Major Events in Year 2005 - 06

18th July 2005: Orientation Day - A new milestone - was the theme of the event. The new session this year started with great zeal and enthusiasm on 18th July 05. The event was an in house event and was attended by students and Faculty members .Students shared their experiences of training and holidays. Principal of the college, Prof. P. R. Sindhi welcomed the students and congratulated them for completing another milestone of their technical journey.
Presentation on network security and firewalls: Mr. Anubhav Dubey of MNIT, Jaipur gave a presentations on the Network security and Firewalls, which has become one of the most talked about topics of the modern networked world. The program was attended by students from various colleges and was highly appreciated.

5th September: Teacher's Day - The day was celebrated in the BMIT campus on 5th of September with serenity and respect. The entire event was organized by ELITE - the event management team of SAC - Student Activity Centre. The event included various games such as antakshri, musical chair etc designed by the students for their 'gurus'.

7th September: Orientation Day for the 1st year – Introduction & Ragistration - The 1st year students were welcomed by their seniors in the traditional BMIT way i.e. with love and affection. The primary objective of the orientation day was to take the Freshers to a new path of success and knowledge, at the same time acquainting them with the codes and ethics of this great institution. The faculty also welcomed the new students and challenged them to infuse and explore their hidden potentials with greater zeal and enthusiasm in this learning temple.

11th September: Picnic for the 1st year students - There are a large number of clubs working under the broad spectrum of SAC -to develop and nurture various aptitudes among the students. In line with its mission statement, the Expedition club under SAC organized the adventurous Picnic. The picnic was organized for the first year students only, giving them a chance to know each other. The students enjoyed the Amber Fort, Jalmahal, and Gaurav Tower etc.- a synopsis of the Pink city-a city which is going to be their home for next Four learning years.

15th September: Engineer’s Day celebration - o pay homage to the great tradition of engineering, Engineer’s day was celebrated in the BMIT campus on 15th of September 05. Three events were held on this day: Quiz competition by English Club, debate competition and paper presentation by IETE Student Forum. The topic of the debate was “Value Added Services Such as MMS in Mobile Communication: Boon or Bane”. The winners were Aparna Agarwal and Mahak Miglani. The winner of the paper presentation was Somansh Sharma of 3rd yr who presented his paper on”PDH and SDH (Plesichronous & Synchrohous Digital Hierchy). Saroj Godara stood second for her paper paper on “ENOSE”.

18th September: Picnic for the 2nd and 3rd year students: - On the behalf of Expedition club of SAC, BMIT students took to the mountains and chartered the difficult terrain places like Bhangarh, Sariska and Barthari on 18th September 05. The event including transportation, staying and food arrangement was conceptualized and visualized by the Expedition Club students themselves. These events are organized to foster team spirit among the students.

19th September : Guest lecture - To meet the growing demands of the day the institute keeps on organizing various guest lectures. For the students of Electronics and communication and Electrical a guest lecture was organized on 19th of September 05. The lecture was delivered by a senior outside faculty Shri Sunil Goyal. The students were immensely benefited by the lecture.

20th September: Personality improvement lecture - To encourage the students to inculcate the inter-personal skills like communication and managerial efficiency various classes and lectures are held in the college. To inform, educate and instruct the students about the growing requirements of the interviewing skills, General Manager of Mahindra and Mahindra, Shri Rajendra Joshi delivered a lecture on the “Personality Development and the Skills Required to be Successful in an Interview” on 20th of September 05. The lecture was organized by the SIG (Self Integrated Growth) club of SAC.

29th September : Seminar on Open Source - Experts say that the age of Open source has finally arrived. Keeping this spirit, a seminar was held in the campus on 29th of September 05. Mr. Ankur Goyal, from IBM delivered a very informative lecture on Open Source Technology and operating system ‘LINUX’. Faculty members and students from 12 other colleges attended this informative session.

22nd October : Fresher’s Party 05 - Fresher’s party was organized by the 2nd year students of the college on 22nd of October05 to welcome the first year students.The party was a jam packed event of glittering performances. Sakshi Kulshesdha, Tarun Khatri, Manali Mishra, Rishijyot Singh, Pallavi Trivedi and Rahul Yadav were the anchors of the evening. Principal Professor P.R. Sindhi and the Director Shri Ravindra Choudhary addressed the students, welcomed them and wished them good luck for their future new beginning. The evening included lively activities like dances, mimicry, songs, skit and fashion show etc. Ms. Shambhavi Nain and Saransh Sharma were declared the Miss and Mr freshers 05.The party ended with DJ party and dinner.

28th October - Deepawali Sneha Milan Samaroha - To keep the traditional values intact and to foster and nurture a feeling of belongingness, various festivals are celebrated in the campus itself, one such festival is Deepawali Sneha Milan Samaroha. It was organized on 28th October 05 in the BMIT campus. Sweets, flowers and best wishes were the call of the day. The event was attended and enjoyed together by students and Faculty alike.

7th to 9th November: Workshop on Linux - BMIT has been a front runner in the programs involving the development of new skills for its Faculty and students. Keeping in line with that very view, various seminars and workshops are organized from time to time. A three days workshop was conducted in the college by Ms Monika Gugnani from Red Hat, Mumbai. Topics such as J2EE, Eclipse JUnit Apache Tomcat Server, Linux administration and networking were discussed and deliberated during this highly informative and interactive session. The event attracted Faculty members and students from various colleges.

19th November : Gracias 2005 - Celebration times are a routine at BMIT and they keep coming with various names and events. One such event is ‘Thanks Party’. Thanks party Gracias 2005 was organized by the 1st year students for their seniors with great fun and frolic. Various activities held like dance, songs, mimicry etc. kept the students and Faculty members glued to their seats for the entire evening. The event ended with the DJ party and sumptuous dinner.
State Level Software development competition from IBM: BMITians participated in all categories of the state level event organized by IBM. In all 07 teams participated from BMIT and submitted their projects. One of the teams won the state level software competition by winning cash prizes and IBM Server. This great achievement was done after competing fiercely among more then 250 teams from 43 Engineering colleges of Rajasthan.

8th Dec : Essay Competition - Various growth opportunities are provided to the students to inculcate and foster writing skills in the students. Language clubs in the campus keep working in the same direction. In the context an essay competition was organized in the college by the English Club on 8th Dec 2005. Various topics were given to the students to express their wider perspectives. Shambhavi Nayn stood first.

15th and 16th January 2006: BMIT FIESTA - The two days long annual FIESTA was organized on the 15th and 16th of January2006. The first day was chiefly devoted to the technical inter-college events like group discussion, technical antakshri, paper presentation, quiz, hindi debate and English debate. The other day focused on the other important aspect of the personality for a budding technocrat and that is beyind technical. The BMITians excelled in that department also, they had afun filled time with a DJ party- vivacious in the evening.

28th Febuary 2006: Ultima Tryst -Numerous technical activities are frequently organized at BMIT for projecting and sharpening the skills of its students. Following the same trend, a day long technical symposium ‘Ultima Tryst’, was organized in the college to promote the technical aspect among the students. It included activities such as: Tech-Shabd, Short Circuit, Battle of Brains, Probe, Destino Software Emarado and Net Route S-pider. The whole experience was rewarding for the students.

25th March 2006: IBM Guest Lecture - A seminar was held in the campus on a lecture by Shri Ankur Goyal, from IBM on the latest software releases from IBM with major focus on Trivoli software. Faculty members & students from 21 different colleges took part in this interactive program.

04th April 2006: Shastrarth - A day long technical and managerial symposium was held in the college to promote the technical and managerial activities among the students. The event focused mainly on developing the technical and oratory skills of the students. The students participated with great excitement and enjoyed the entire day full of fun laced with knowledge.

06-08th April 2006 - VLSI Seminar - A 3- day seminar on advanced topics of VlSI designing was attended by 3rd year students. The seminar was addressed by senior faculty of IIIT Pune. The seminar also provided the students a chance to work on latest VLSI- CAD tools by Cadence Corp. The students of BMIT were declared the best and won maximum prizes in the said seminar, which was largely attended by students and faculty members of almost all the technical colleges of Jaipur.

08-09th April 2006 -Faculty program on ‘IBM Tivoli Express Software’ - BMIT in keeping with its tradition of promoting various inter-disciplinary programs aimed at the development of new skills for its Faculty and students organized a faculty program on IBM Tivoli Express software . Mr. ankur Goyal, IT specialist from IBM was the key note speaker. The 2 day session was highly informative and interactive providing ample scope to work online on this new IBM product. The event attracted Faculty members and students from various 15 different colleges apart from BMIT.

11th April 2006 - IBM Officials visit - Mr. Maojit Majumdar, country leader, IBM global services India Pvt. Ltd. Visited BMIT and had formal talks with BMIT director regarding success of IBM ECIS program. BMIT is the only chosen partner of IBM in Rajasthan for its ambitious ECIS project.