Major Events in Year 2006 - 07

26th July 2007: Inauguration of Student Activity Center - With great pomp and show SAC - Student Activity Center was formally inaugurated on 26th July 2007 at the BMIT campus. Realization of SAC is in line with institute's policy to tap, promote and develop the hidden potential of each student in various extra-curricular activities. The aim is to make create positive changes in the student's overall personality by challenging him/her to various frontiers of human skills and traits, beyond regular curriculum. Several clubs/societies were introduced under the broad umbrella of SAC, mainly among them were CS & IT society, ECE Society, Cultural Club, PD Club, Sports & Expedition Club, SIG, Language Club and Photography club.

28th July 2007: Quiz by Derel O Brien - A General knowledge Quiz was conducted by Derek O' Brien & Associates. Various colleges of western zone, India took part in event. BMIT students were also present in full strength in the event and came out with flying colors.

2nd August : SAC Activities Day - During this session of SAC activities, various events were organized. Some of the major highlights of the session included Make believe Contest, GK quiz, Rangoli Contest, Tongue Twisters & Banana Eating, Crossword Puzzle, Antakshari, Case study etc. Students and faculty took part in great numbers and with lots of zeal and enthusiasm.

3rd September: Expedition to Samod -An out of the campus expedition to serene places like Samode and Hanuman Temple was organized by Sports & Expedition club. The students along with the faculty members enjoyed each moment of this adventurous trip filled with lots and lots of fun.

5th September: Teacher's Day - The day was celebrated in the BMIT campus on 5th of September with serenity and respect. The entire event was organized by ELITE - the event management team of SAC - Student Activity Centre. The event included various games such as antakshri, musical chair etc designed by the students for their 'gurus'.

6th September: Welcome Day - The 1st year students were welcomed by their seniors in the traditional BMIT way i.e. with love and affection. The primary objective of the orientation day was to take the Freshers to a new path of success and knowledge, at the same time acquainting them with the codes and ethics of this great institution. The faculty also welcomed the new students and challenged them to infuse and explore their hidden potentials with greater zeal and enthusiasm in this learning temple.

14th September: Fun at Radio Mirchi - One of the leading FM channels of Jaipur - Radio Mirchi visited BMIT in connection with their Campus Buzz Program. The students participated in this fun- filled musical program and had a great time during this highly interactive LIVE program.

15th and 16th September: Ultima Tryst - BMIT aims and thrives for achieving excellence in the field of academics. The institute firmly believes that the student should not only be confined to the teachings of their curriculum books but also be kept abreast with the latest technological changes occurring in this world. The annual two day long technical symposium, ULTIMA TRYST is organized on the same lines. This annual technical event of BMIT and is anxiously awaited by the students of BMIT and various technical colleges of the northern zone. This year about 200 entries from about 50 engineering colleges were received. 10 different events were organized: Fifth Dimension - CS & IT paper presentation, Integrated Trendz- ECE paper presentation , Power Drive - EE paper presentation, Class Apart - Software Designing Contest, Face off- English Debate, Implementing Concepts - Hardware Project Demo, Designing Future- Software Project Demonstration, Razor's Edge- CS & IT quiz Wits at Large- ECE & EE Quiz and Wired Logic- Circuit Design Contest. Each event received a thumping applauds from students. The chief guests for the event were Prof. Damodar Sharma, Vice chancellor - Rajasthan Technical University and Shri G.S.Sandhu, Principal Secretary- Higher Technical Education, Government of Rajasthan.

24th September: Expedition to Amer-Jaigarh-Nahargarh - This was a fun filled trekking trip for the newly joined entrants to the BMIT family i.e. I Year students. Organized by Sports & Expedition club, the trekking involved exploring world renowned heritage places like Nahargarh, Jaigarh and Amer. l The trip aimed at bringing more bonding between fresher succeeded in every aspect as the I yearites were absolutely thrilled and ecstatic by the experience.

6th October ; Fresher's Day - To welcome the new entrants to the ever growing BMIT family, Fresher's Party was organized by the II year students for the first year students. Freshers party was embedded with various events such as- Ramp walk, instrumental, dances, songs and many others. Sumit Chouhan was entitled Mr Fresher , Preeti Choudhary was entitled Ms Freshers, Shekhar Mehata was entitled Mr Popular, whereas Ms Popular was Nikita and title for Overall Personality went to Karan Latwal. The event was enthralling and relished by each one present. The party ended with DJ party and a gala dinner.

7th October: Thanks giving party - Thanks party was organized by the 1st year students expressing their gratitude and respect toward their seniors. The scintillating event was marked by the various colourful events such as: saraswati vandana, folk dance, semi classical dance, songs by the boy's band and instrumental. Various titles were given to the seniors including the complete Man to Harsh Makkar , Mr Dependable to Lalit Dhingra, Mr Personalit to Jai Singh, Mr Generous to Piyush Duggal, Mr Diligence to Jayesh garg and Steve And Ms Eve to Shilpa. Various activities kept the students and Faculty members glued to their seats for the entire evening. The event ended with the DJ party and sumptuous dinner.

1st November : SAC Activity Day - Once again, the SAC organized various vocational training programs in the field of fine arts like dance and music, special mountaineering demonstration from trained professionals, extempore & vocabulary quiz from professional Personality Development councilors. The students took part in great numbers and grasped the teachings by trainers.

8th November: BMIT Talent Hunt - To dig and distinguish the BEST among the talented students of BMIT, auditions were held on 8th November in the following categories: Technical events like C Programming, Circuit Designing and Simulation as well as fine arts traits like Dramatics/Mono acting / poetry, singing, dancing, debating, quizzing, creative writing, and instrumental.

15th November Guest Lecture by Ex-VC, Agra University - In its policy to promote knowledge through eminent academicians, guest lectures were organized. Renowned ademicians Prof. G.C. Sharma,ex vice chancellor, delivered an interesting lecture on the Gaming theory. The lecture was followed by another session by Dr. Madhu Jain , Prpfessor in Computer Sciences, who delivered a detailed report on the genesis and usages of Differential Equations. Students in large number attended these lectures and were benefited by the event.

21st November : Applauds at Inter college event - Team of three first year students participated in inter college event at Gyan Vihar Universe in their annual tecfest, 'Aayam 2006'. The team comprising of Aditya Raghavan, Nitin Sharma and Siddharth won third prize in quiz competition.

25th November : Road show of Infosys - BMIT is among first of the few colleges which have a signed an MOU with Infosys for its unique 'Campus Connect Program'. Under this Campus Connect program, trained personnel form Infosys organized a road show at BMIT. The interactive program included the presentations followed by quiz and question answer sessions. Ms Deepika, and Ms Neelam were the team leaders form Infosys.

25th November : Annual Hostel Night - This was an all night event organized from 9 pm to 7am covering cultural program, DJ, football matches, tug of war, kho- kho, bonfire, snacks and a delicious late night dinner. It was a party all night in direct supervision of the Hostel Wardens and the Proctor. The students enjoyed thoroughly.

31 Dec / 1st January: Hostel New Year Party - BMItians welcomed 2007 in style. The dance and music party organized at the lush green lawns of BMIT. Good food, music and games were the order of the evening. Students bid farewell to the year 2006 and welcomed 2007 with great hopes and expectations.

04th January: Laurels at Youth feastival - The BMIT dance team proved its mettle once again. The team participated in 'IDEATION' youth festival organized by IDEA network. College from all over Rajasthan participated in this fest. BMIT team won first prize. The team members included Amit Joshi, Desh Deepak, Moinak Chaterjee, Nikita Saurakhiyan, Deepika and Prachi.

13th January: Lohiri feastival - This was a colorful festival marked by dance, music, camp fire and food. Students thoroughly enjoyed the event. Small sessions of Antakshri, dunb-shreds were also arranged to make the evening more lively.

03rd / 04th March: Expedition trip to Naraina - The expedition club organized yet another event to complete its hattrick of events in this session. The trip was to Naraina, a spiritual place near Jaipur. The students were exposed to the spiritual lectures, readings and above all spiritual life style including Yoga. The trip organized under the watchful eyes of the proctor of the college included a night stay at the spiritual centre- aptly called 'Math'. Students felt happy and peaceful after the trip.

08th April - DB2 IBM Certifications - BMIT with close coordination with IBM organized the hugely popular DB2 certification courses. More then 100 students appeared in the online exam conducted by IBM and cleared with flying colors.

27th April -Farewell to 2007 Batch - In an emotionally charged sober event, the juniors of BMIT bid fare well to the first passing out batch of BMIT, Batch 2007. The highlights of the evening included the memoirs of the passing out batch in regard to their days at BMIT. For the passing out batch, there was a feeling of fun, laughter and joy all around but above was a feeling of ache of parting from their alma matr. The evening was followed by dinner and a DJ party.