Examinations - Guidelines For Filling Enrollment And Eligibility Form

1. A pre-printed application form for enrollment & Eligibility is being sent. The candidates are required to check the following points:

(i) Name of candidate, Father's Name, Mother's Name, Date of Birth should be the same as written in the secondary school certificate. In case of difference, necessary legal documents must be enclosed in support of the changes. The Head of the Institutions are required to forward such cases separately (Form No. EN/103). The Head of the Institutions are requested to fill the Form No.-EN/102 also.

(ii) If the name of the candidate is different in the secondary school examination certificate and the certificates of subsequent examinations, the candidate will be enrolled with the name mentioned in the secondary school certificate unless legal documents pertaining to change of name are enclosed.

(iii) The Principals should ensure completion of Form no. 102/103 on A-3 size paper.

(iv) D.D. of Total Enrolment fee of all the forms payable to Registrar, RTU, Kota must be enclosed.

(v) No changes are to be made on the original Enrollment Forms, any changes required may be reported in the enclosed form no. 102/103.

(vi) Pasted recent photograph on the forms.

(vii) Any changes if made in the Enrollment form may lead to cancellation of candidature.

(viii) No additional enrollment form will be accepted other than list approved by Coordinator.

2. Following documents in original are to be enclosed:

(i) Secondary school certificate/ mark sheet (as proof of name, father's name, Date of Birth etc.).

(ii) Mark sheet & Certificate of the qualifying examination to ensure eligibility.

(iii) Proof of having studied mathematics as one of the subjects (applicable for MCA only).

(iv) Caste certificate issued by competent authority for claiming relaxation in the minimum marks for enrollment (marks in the degree examination are less than 50%, wherever applicable).

(v) Migration certificate (non returnable).

(vi) A copy (certified by Notary) of the Legal documents related to discrepancies in names/ date of birth (only for those with discrepancies).