Examinations - Rules for the Award of Grace Marks


Grace marks to the extent of 1% of the aggregate marks prescribed for an examination will be awarded to a candidate failing in not more than 25% of the total number of theory papers, practicals, sessionals, dissertation, viva-voce and the aggregate, as the case may be in which minimum pass marks have been prescribed; provided the candidate passes the examination by the award of such Grace marks. For the purpose of determining the number of 25% of the papers, only such theory papers practicals, dissertation, viva-voce etc. would be considered, of which, the examination is conducted by the University. N.B.:- If 1% of the aggregate marks or 25% of the papers works out in fraction, the same will be raised to the next whole number. For example, if the aggregate marks prescribed for the examination are 450, grace marks to the extent of 5 will be awarded to the candidate, similarly, if 25% of the total papers is 3.2, the same will be raised to 4 papers which grace marks can be given.


1. A candidate passes in a per/ practical or the aggregate by the award of grace marks will be deemed to have obtained the necessary minimum for a pass in that paper/ practical or in the aggregate and shown in the marks sheet to have passed by grace. Grace marks will not be added to the marks obtained by a candidate from the examiners nor will the marks obtained by the candidate be subject to any deduction due to award of grace marks in any other paper/ practical or aggregate.

2. If a candidate passes the examination but misses First or Second Division by one mark, his aggregate will be raised by one mark so as to entitle him for the first or second division, as the case may be. This one mark will be added to the paper in which he gets the least marks and also in the aggregate by showing +1 in the tabulation register below the marks actually by the candidate. The marks entered in the marks-sheet will be inclusive of one grace mark and it will not be shown separately.

3. Non appearance of a candidate in any paper will make him ineligible for grace marks. The place of a passed candidate in the examination list will, however be determined by the aggregate marks he secures from the examiners, and he will not, by the award of grace marks, become entitled to a higher division.

4. Distinction won in any subject at the examination is not to be forfeited on the score that a candidate has secured grace to pass the examination.

Note:- The Grace marks will be awarded only, if candidate appears in all the papers prescribed for the examination.