Student Exchange Guide

Few experiences challenge and reward you like living and studying in another country. Through the International Relations Office (IRO), you can learn about the excitement of living and studying in another country. The knowledge that the experiences you had acquired during your overseas studies will be valuable to your future employers makes it all the more rewarding. IRO is dedicated to transforming students' lives through international exchanges.

Students who would go on exchange programs will have unparallel opportunities for personal development, personal growth and travel. The various Student Exchange Programs initiated by the IRO provide the knowledge and support students need for success.

Our exchange agreements with partner institutions will usually specify a certain number of places which will be available to students. These numbers may vary for each institution. If there are too many applicants for one institution, students are selected according to academic merit. When approving a student’s application for exchange, consideration is also given to his or her ability to be a good ambassador.

However, students will be responsible to ensure that they have the financial means to support their living cost during their programs overseas. The cost of living varies from country to country and among different cities in the same country.

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