Placement Procedure - Campus Placements

bulletCompanies/organizations are invited for announcing vacancies on BMIT website.

bulletCompany/organization should fill up the Job Announcement Form (JAF) on the institute website with allrelevant information and possible dates for Campus Placement/Walk-in interview.

bullet The JAF is made available to the students online along with any other information provided by the company. Eligible students register for the placement drive and the company receives a confirmation of date for the interview along with a list of prospective candidates.

bullet Resumes of interested candidates would be made available to the recruiters for further short listing online.

bullet Company/organization are invited to conduct the Placement Drive at BMIT premises.

* The Job Announcement Form provides the primary basis of communicating the details of the positions offered to the candidates. It is therefore, highly desirable and advantageous for the recruiter that the Form is completed in all respects and should be accompanied by relevant company literature.

Companies are requested to include the following points while announcing the job:

bullet Compensation Package

bullet Growth Prospects in the job

bullet Job Location

Once at BMIT, recruiters could be assisted by BMIT T & P cell in the following ways:-

bullet BMIT with its rich technical resources i.e. its students is in the unique situation where by it can cater to the industrial technical requirement in the most fulfilling way, for this the Institute will provide its on campus resources like:- 1)Auditorium 2)Computing System 3)LCD 4)Assistance for presentation to help Industry garner its requirement in the most optimum manner.

bullet BMIT could assist the HR team of the recruiter with regard to their stay, transportation needs.

bullet Students can be trained in BMIT Campus on the required module if can be provided by the Industry.

bullet Opportunities from Industry can be supported by the resources at Institute in order to accomplish the Industrial planned project.

bullet The Industry could provide summer vocational training to our students as part of their engineering curriculum.

We hope the above exercise will help the organization find a suitable candidate and grow the Company-BMIT relationship.